Weekly Swim Session Plan 22 October 2019 – Plan 198

Download and print the session plan here: session plan 198

This week, we’ll work on front of the stroke, ensuring a high elbow catch is achieved.  Locating the elbow near the water’s surface, during the catch, is a great way to assure an effective pull, leading to better propulsion and more swim speed.  Who doesn’t want that?

Warm Up:

2 x 100m, the first easy, the second, building in effort.

Technical set:

2 x 50m kick with, or without kickboard

4 x 50m 1 finger drill going up, full hand swimming coming back (feel the pressure on your palm)

4 x 50m long doggy paddle going up the pool, swim back (visually check for a high elbow catch)

Main set:

15-20 x 50m, swimming with moderate effort but focusing on maintaining a high elbow catch

Warm down:

100m – 200m   Easy to very easy

Total Volume:

1550m – 1900m

Coaching Points:

Don’t rush the drills, or the main set. Feel how your hand resists the water, creating a lever against which you can pull yourself through the water.  Visually check that the elbow stays high and perhaps use the notion that your elbows ‘float’ to the surface, before pulling.

Let’s see what Dave Scott has to say about what he calls a “high elbow set”:


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