Planning for ’19 – Goals and Objectives

GI tri coach

While many of us are still to reach our 2018 ‘A’ race, for others, that time has already passed and the search for the next challenge is already underway.

It might be a good time to talk to your coach about your ideas for next year and seek their advice and guidance on goal and objective setting.

Unfortunately, I hear all too often, a jumbled interpretation of some basic terms that may sound familiar but for many people, pinning down exactly what they are (and also what they are not) proves to be quite tricky.  So, here are a few words on Aims, Goals and Objectives, that hopefully will see you through this minefield and out of the other side, looking toward 2019 with enthusiasm.

Aims represent a desire or dream – to become an Ironman, or I’d like to go to Kona someday.

Goals – Defined accomplishments that…

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