Weekly Swim Session Plan 29 October 2019 – Session Plan 199

Download and print this session plan here: session plan 199

This week, we are keeping it simple, stupid.  Back to volume to help build some endurance, with the simplest of session designs, using the rest interval as the variable between novice swimmers and the more experienced / capable.

Warm Up:

2 x 100m, the first easy, the second, steady.

Technical set:

100m kick with, or without kickboard 4 x 25m

Main set:

100m repetitions (Rest 10s – 30s depending upon fitness / ability)

Warm down:

100m – 200m   Easy to very easy

Total Volume:

1800m – 3500m

Coaching Points:

During the kicking drill, keep the legs relatively straight and kick from the hips, engaging glutes and hip flexors.

Time your 100s and track your pace throughout the session. As with any endurance swim, don’t go out too hard, or the latter part of the session will become extremely tough.  Observe the selected rest period and remain consistent throughout.

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