Weekly Swim Session Plan 3 December 2019 – Plan 201

Download and print this session plan here: session plan 201

This week, we have a short technical session, focusing on the all-important catch-pull combination that generates 80% of the swimmer’s propulsion.

Warm Up:

2 x 100m, the first easy, the second, steady.

Technical set:

4 x 50m as sculling going up, swim back

6 x 50m as doggy paddle up, swim back

Main set:

10 – 16 X 50m repetitions (Rest 10-20s rest, depending upon fitness / ability)

Warm down:

100m – 200m   Easy to very easy

Total Volume:

1300m – 1700m

Coaching Points:

See Paul Newsome’s doggy paddle demonstration in the video below.

Set out at a fairly relaxed pace on your 50m reps and gradually build into your session.


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