I’ve been coaching triathlon since 2009.

Passionate about helping others get wherever they’d like to.

Ironman, endurance multisport, ultra endurance swimming and ultra running – I love it all.

See http://www.gi-tri.com to learn more or follow on twitter @gitritweets

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey! I am brand new to triathlon training… I guess I could do with some focus! Do you have a basic weekly training plan you might suggest for someone new to the sport? Swimming is a particular challenge right now, I am struggling to master the breathing, any tips? Thanks!


  2. Hi Luke.

    You have come to the right place. For loads of free advice, like my Facebook page “GI Tri Coached Triathlon” and also follow me on Instagram @gitricoach

    As for advice to someone new to the sport, I’d advise to not spend a load of money on every shiny thing you see in a magazine… find what you love about the sport and focus on that rather than chasing minutes and seconds of every session (like many triathletes do), or you’ll risk losing the pure joy.
    As for your swimming, search my blog for a post called “barriers to triathlon swimming” that I wrote back in 2016 for your very circumstance. Hope it helps.

    Anything else you need, drop me a line.



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