Coached triathlon

This is the very first of what I hope to be many blog postings on the subject of triathlon and more particularly training methods and coaching techniques.

While I have in mind certain themes, its likely to take a meandering route through a subject that can at times be controversial or just plain dull.  Let’s hope for more of the former!

I’ve fairly recently completed the Ironman Certified Coach accreditation (which in itself might be considered quite controversial) and am working by way through BTF’s level 3 coaching qualification.

For me, coaching covers the disciplines of swimming, cycling and running the coach’s proclaimed fourth discipline of transition (really?), nutrition, hydration, sleep, rest days, race preparation and no-nonsense kit and the structured avoidance of recovery modalities like static stretching, deep tissue massage, compression garments, hot baths, cold baths, ice baths and any other distraction from getting the basics right.

If this short post leaves you with more questions than answers, I’ll consider that a good thing, for now.