Diet and Exercise – Who’s the Daddy?



To answer this question, I’m going to reference the Pareto Principle, perhaps better known as the 80:20 rule?

What does it mean?

Pereto discovered that 80% (of the population) is trivial and ineffective and the remaining 20% has an effect on all the outcomes in society.

More recently, it’s been remodelled to 80% of results come from 20% of your actions.

As a qualified triathlon coach, I’m going to make a clear but perhaps surprising statement.

“Your training efforts are the trivial 80%”

It really doesn’t matter, or certainly, nowhere near as much as some people would have you believe.

So, if training is trivial, what is the vital 20% that makes all the difference?

The answer is as simple as this:

Your food.

This isn’t new, or ground breaking.  Around 400BC, Hippocrates is credited with pronouncing “let food be thy medicine”

The cure to obesity isn’t running 50 miles a week, it’s eating real food, the right things, that your body can digest and utilise appropriately, based on your lifestyle.

With the challenges of marketing, mis-advice, broken government led guidelines, affordability, awareness and skill-set – the ability to cook fresh food, many people struggle to discover how to leverage this vital 20%.

Many of the obese and overweight people in society today find themselves eating the wrong foods, in the belief that those foods are good for them or might even help them lose weight.

Closer to reality, it’s actually good for Big Food, their margins, the pressure groups, lobbyists, paid policy makers and immense marketing campaigns that reiterate their message.

If you identify with the above and have been frustrated by ineffective diets in the past, follow this blog for simple solutions to these challenges.

Over the next weeks, we’ll discuss the reasons diets haven’t really worked for most people. Some basic terms to understand like Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) and Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) (that will demonstrate just how trivial your training really is), the energy systems your body uses at different times throughout the day and how to provide it with the things it needs, when it needs them and how to avoid endless snacking and in fact, hardly ever feel hungry.

Once we have the plan laid out for you, perhaps most importantly, we’ll be sharing simple answers the questions:

What should I eat? and

How do I make it?

Yes, I know, it sounds too good to be true but don’t worry, the scepticism you’re feeling at the moment is in the context of almost 50 years of misinformation.

We’re swimming against the tide!

GI Tri Coached Triathlon’s vital 20% has arrived, a blend of Saturday Kitchen, with the demands of a ketogenic triathlon lifestyle:

Welcome to the Keto Lounge!


GI Tri Coach

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