Weekly Swim Session Plan 15 October 2019 – Plan 197

Download and print this session plan here: session plan 197

The recovery pathway is the part of the stroke that is seen first by most other swimmers.  While there are many possible variants, setting your arm for hand entry and catch is essential for underwater success.

Warm Up:

200m as 100m easy pace, 100m building pace

Technical set:

4 x 50m, as super-slow swimming (pause in the rotated position, just before hand entry)

2 x 50m easy swimming, focusing on good body rotation but holding balance (don’t over-rotate)

4 x 50m as finger-trail drill going up the pool, swim back ensuring the recovering arm is relaxed and entering directly in front of the shoulder

Main set:

4 – 8 x 100m maintain focus on body rotation and a relaxed arm recovery

Warm down:

200m easy – feel how easily you’re moving through the water.

Total Volume:

1300 – 1700m

Coaching Points:

If you’re too flat on the water, you’ll be unable to recover your arm effectively.  Opening up the body rotation to both left and right, whether breathing, or not, to around 45° will free your shoulder and allow an effective arm recovery.

Think about lifting your elbow and pushing it forward, allowing the forearm to follow, rather than reaching with your hand – this may help prevent centerline crossing.

Watch what Dave Scott says in this instructional video:

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