Weekly Swim Session Plan 10 December 2019 – Session Plan 202

Download and print this session plan here: session plan 202

Over Winter months, it’s easy to fall into the short-rep trap and the thought of swimming longer reps becomes daunting.  Let’s keep the endurance up this week, by introducing longer reps at an easy pace.

Warm Up:

3 x 100m, the first easy, the second, steady, third hard. Take 20s rest between each.

Technical set:

4 x 25m kick with board

4 x 50m as doggy paddle up, swim back

Main set:

4 x 300m / 400m / 500m / 600m (depending on your current fitness / ability level) 60’ rest in between

Warm down:

100m – 200m   Easy to very easy

Total Volume:

1900m – 3200m

Coaching Points:

Take the main set easy, if you know your CSS pace, swim 10s/100m slower than that.


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