Weekly Swim Session Plan 1 October 2019 – Session 195

Download and print the session plan Here

This week, we are going to continue to focus on an effective catch, with more great advice from 6 X Ironman World Champion – The Man – Dave Scott.

Warm Up:

200m easy pace

Technical set:

4 x 50m Alternating arm half-pull with under water recovery (short doggy-paddle drill)

4 x 50m Alternating arm pull / push full stroke, keeping the elbow high in the water on the front of the stroke

4 x 50m 1-finger drill going up the pool, full hand when swimming back. Feel the resistance when the full hand is utilised – keep the elbow high at the front end.

Main set:

4 – 6 x 200m maintain focus on setting a high-elbow catch.  Initially, your stroke may feel slow and mechanical.  Try to maintain the high elbow catch but smooth out the stroke as the set progresses.

Warm down:

200m easy – feel how easily you’re moving through the water.

Total Volume:

1800 – 2200m

Coaching Points:

High elbow catch may feel strange at first, if you’re used to dropping your arm. Stick with it, it will be transformational for your swimming.

Watch what Dave Scott says in this instructional video:

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