Weekly Swim Session Plan 24 September 2019

Download and print this session plan 194 for poolside use Here

Last week, we began our off-season technique focus with hand entry and some great guidance from Dave Scott.  This week, we’ll follow the logical sequence through the stroke cycle and look at catch. Of such importance is a great catch, that we will spend more than one week, making improvements.

Warm Up:

100m easy pace, 100m Build pace

Technical set:

4 x 50m (with pull buoy) scull to halfway, swim to wall

6 x 50m ‘Quick catch’ drill, popping up the elbow and forming the catch quickly to remove the speed-killer for over-gliders, the dead-spot. (if you have never done quick catch drill before, search Dave Scott’s ‘top 3’ drills on You Tube for how to do it and the benefits it offers.

Main set:

3 – 5 x 200m occasionally bringing your focus onto the catch and ensuring that you’re attaining that quickly formed, high-elbow catch you practiced in the drills. Do remember to ‘swim’ though and not be too mechanical and deliberate during this part of the set.

Warm down:

200m easy – feel how easily you’re moving through the water.

Total Volume:

1400 – 1800m

Coaching Points:

An effective catch sets you up for an effective pull and faster swimming.  To catch effectively after hand entry, make sure to keep the finger-tips below the wrist and the wrist below the elbow.

Let’s see what Paul Newsome says about sculling in this instructional video:

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