Weekly Swim Session Plan 6 November 2018

Download and print this session plan here: session plan 191

This week, we are going to shift focus ti the area where novice or intermediate swimmers struggle the most – the breath. We will go through some technical practice but to give you context for this session, make sure you watch the video with more great advice from 6 X Ironman World Champion – The Man – Dave Scott.

Warm Up:

200m easy pace

Technical set:

4 x 50m Being aware of your exhalation and the timing of your breath (is it early or late?)

4 x 50m Ensuring that your breath commences prior to your arm leaving the water and your face returns at the point where your hand passes your face. Keep your face and mouth relaxed in the water.

4 x 50m Breathing to your weaker side on the way up the pool and recovering on the way back to your normal, stronger side. If you’re an accomplished bi-lateral breather, continue to focus on timing and a progressive exhalation.

Main set:

4 – 8 x 200m maintain focus on good breath timing.

Warm down:

200m easy – feel how easily you’re moving through the water.

Total Volume:

1800 – 2600m

Coaching Points:

Breath-holding is an issue for many swimmers and an extended inhalation can cause technique issues that include over-reaching, which may lead to a poor catch.Watch what Dave Scott says in this instructional video.

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