Weekly Swim Session Plan 31 October 2018

Download and print this session plan here: session plan 190

This week, we are going to shift focus through the stroke cycle, to the finish of the stroke. We’ll support the technical set with more great advice from 6 X Ironman World Champion – The Man – Dave Scott.

Warm Up:

200m easy pace

Technical set:

4 x 50m long doggy paddle pressing back with an extended wrist at the finish of the stroke, so your palm points to the pool wall behind you.

4 x 50m easy swimming, implementing the “palm-press” finish

4 x 50m with technique paddles, or visualising the backward palm press through the finish of the stroke

Main set:

4 – 8 x 200m maintain focus on a strong finish to your stroke.

Warm down:

200m easy – feel how easily you’re moving through the water.

Total Volume:

1800 – 2600m

Coaching Points:

During doggy paddle and freestyle, pull straight through the stroke as we practiced last week but then move your focus to the heel of your hand (not your fingertips) to press through the finish of the stroke with a hyper extended wrist, before recovering under the water.

Watch what Dave Scott says in this instructional video. He makes an interesting point about the harmonious relationship between strong finish with extended wrist and preparing for setting a high elbow catch:

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