View From The Top

I know many of you like to gain insights from the sport’s leading athletes.

Not many people know this but I recently had the Ironman AWA points list through and I’m officially ranked No.1 Ironman athlete for my age group (M45), in the country.


I’ll just let that settle in a while longer.


As unlikely as it seems, I’m not making it up but I thought you’d be interested in how I made that dream a reality.

Some moths ago, I’d decided to take a leaf from my good friend and fellow GI Tri Coach, Dan Noz, to reassess which country I represent in Ironman events.  Dan is a great athlete, he’s German (of course), lives in Britain and is married to a wonderful Swede, so over the last few years, he has represented all three nations in various races.  Given that I literally spend half of my days working abroad and considering my transit days and Ironman vacation days in other countries, I spend more time in away than at home, plus I officially have local residency for work.

So, for my second Ironman race of the season, Barcelona, I represented Iraq.  It’s as simple as changing the selection in a drop-down menu.

I’d thought nothing more of it, until collecting my race number and seeing the Iraqi flag on it where the Union flag normally sits.  Novel, I thought. Quite literally novel, as it turns out.

Ironman stops discounting your AWA points award at 1000 when you’re so far behind your age group winner, that all the officials and volunteers have run out of fingers and toes to count them on. At least I think that’s how they do it…

So, with a grand total of 2000 points from two full distance Ironman races, I am officially the No.1 ranked M45 Ironman athlete in Iraq.

Here’s hoping to no one else registering from Iraq next season!


GI Tri Coach


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