Welcome to the Keto Lounge – Why Put Food First?


Putting food first is really important to accomplishing a body mass goal.

Let’s first look at what I describe as the Current State:


Exercise to lose weight – Experience little or no change – Food as a reward

Typically, a person might get off the sofa and go for a run.  Indeed, that’s actively encouraged by programs like “Couch to 5K”.  However, I believe there are problems with that approach that mean its unsustainable beyond the feeling of accomplishment on the day of the 5k event.  Here are the issues:

Running is difficult when you’re unfit and typically not enjoyable

Running is high impact, literally compounded when the runner is overweight or obese

Overweight runners, with weak connective tissue, unconditioned muscles and poor technique are susceptible to injury

Food is often used as reward, or compensation for having done a training session (quickly wiping out the energy deficit created by training)

The struggle, possible injury and absence of rapid change in body mass can become demotivating.

Now let’s look at Putting Food First:


Eat natural foods to sustain your body – Lose excess body mass – Enjoy an active lifestyle

In this model, a change in diet to a lower carb, low carb or ketogenic diet (we’ll cover the differences and content of each in future Keto Lounge episodes), will promote a response  of reduced body mass relatively quickly and create corresponding feelings of accomplishment.

Enjoying tasty, nutritious food, without having to endure hunger pangs, or cravings, is sustainable (compared to low-fat, calorie controlled diets).

You can apply your new, lighter body in the active lifestyle of your choosing (it doesn’t have to be in Lycra!).

Keto Lounge isn’t just for triathletes, its for everyone.

Now, here is a challenge for you to try right away:

If you know someone who might benefit from a new approach, particularly someone who isn’t a triathlete, please share this blog, create awareness of the free support that Keto Lounge aims to provide and let’s see if one person at a time, we can not just swim against the tide but turn the tide entirely, to one of eating naturally and enjoying active lifestyles.


GI Tri Coach






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