Weekly swim session plan 30 May 18

Download and print this session plan here: session plan 172

All great swimmers exhibit excellent balance in the water.  Let’s look at what I consider to be the key drill for balance and alignment – skating drill and use an intermediate step (6-3-6) to carry that alignment into our freestyle stroke.

Warm Up:

200m, easy

Technical set:

6 x 50m as skate to halfway, swim to wall. Alternate left and right hand lead

6 x 50m 6-3-6

Main set:

4 – 7 x 200m focusing between alignment and balanced rotation.

Warm down:

200m – 400m     Easy to very easy

Total Volume:

1800m – 2400m

Coaching Points:

In skating, the leading arm should be straight out in front of the rotated shoulder.  The trailing arm should be ‘in pocket’ (straight down on the INSIDE of the thigh). Kick should not be so aggressive as to throw you off balance – consider a compact ad rhythmic kick.

6-3-6 is as simple as counting to three (strokes) then switching sides. Breathing on the second stroke or just after the third stroke, when you have maximum propulsion, works best.

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