Weekly Swim Session Plan 13 February 2018

Download and print this session plan here: session plan 157

This week, we are back to volume.  The standardized distance of each repetition may be adjusted according to fitness, experience, or target race distance.  A fast swim (generally) is a consistent swim, with minor exception, a continuous high but sustainable pace throughout.  Here we aim for consistent times across all repetitions.

Warm Up:

2 x 100m, the first easy, the second, steady.

Technical set:

100m as doggy paddle up, swim back

200m as kick with board (alternate with skating drill if preferred)

Main set:

Follow whichever main set suits you best.  Try to time each rep and aim for consistent times.

Novice / returning to fitness / super sprint and sprint distance athletes Standard distance up to 70.3 athletes Advanced swimmers / Ironman athletes
5 – 8 x 200m at threshold with 30 sec rest 5 – 7 x 300m at threshold with 1 min rest 5 – 7 x 400m at threshold with 1 minute rest

Warm down:

100m – 200m     Easy to very easy

Total Volume:

1600m – 3500m

Coaching Points:

Try to be disciplined in the rest periods.  Remember to exhale! These sessions will tend to creep up on you. They look easier on paper than they feel in the pool.

Don’t go out too hard. As a rule of thumb, if your effort is 5/10 at the beginning, 6/10 in the middle and 7/10 at the end, you’ll produce consistent threshold times through your session.


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