Weekly Swim Session Plan 1 August 2017

Download and print this session plan here: session plan 130

This week, we are going to build on last week’s threshold session by pushing above threshold, then settling back into tempo, with the aim of consistent pacing through the longer reps. We’ll be using zone 5 ‘VO2’ for shorter efforts (think of this as being faster than race pace if you’re less familiar with HR zones) and zone 3 ‘Tempo’ for longer efforts. All rests 10seconds / 100m swum.

Warm Up:

200m easy pace

Technical set:

4 x 50m sculling to halfway, swim to wall

Main set:

100m Zone 5 (10s)    then                200m Zone 3 (20s)

100m Zone 5 (10s)    then                300m Zone 3 (30s)

100m Zone 5 (10s)    then                400m Zone 3 (40s) (Novice or slower swimmers, skip this rep)

100m Zone 5 (10s)    then                500m Zone 3 (50s)

100m Zone 5 (10s)    then                300m Zone 3 (30s)

Warm down:

200m     Very easy

Total Volume:

2300m – 2800m

Coaching Points:

Be disciplined with rest periods and efforts.  Don’t go out too hard in early zone 3 reps.  Zone 3 should feel pretty easy in comparison to the zone 5 effort.  If you go out too hard early, say in zone 4 Threshold, then you’ll struggle to complete the set.


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