Weekly Swim Session Plan 25 July 2017

Download and print this session plan here: session plan 129

After a few weeks of front-end technical focus, this week, we aim to put those improvements into practice with a short technical refresh, then a threshold set to realize race day performance improvements.

Warm Up:

200m easy pace

Technical set:

2 x 50m doggy paddle drill going up the pool, swim back

2 x 50m Quick Catch drill

Main set:

8 – 12 X 150m Zone 3 (tempo), 50m Zone 4 (threshold) 15 seconds rest after each.

Warm down:

300m     Very easy

Total Volume:

2300m – 3100m

Coaching Points:

Be aware of your tempo and threshold efforts.  On race day, be clear in which zone you’re intending to swim.  Threshold will be too high for a slower swimmer (over one hour swim time) in an Ironman swim.  For 70.3 and shorter distances, threshold pace (or higher) is suitable.





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