Weekly Swim Session Plan 18 July 2017

Download and print this session plan here: session plan 128

This week, we’ll repeat / build on the stroke rate focus commenced in last week’s session.

Warm Up:

200m easy pace

Technical set:

2 x 50m 1 – finger drill (incorporating EVF)

2 x 50m head-up lifesaver (feel the EVF effect)

4 x 100m focus on increasing your stroke rate (without diminishing stroke length) Use Tempo trainer if possible and experiment with varying your stroke rate.

Main set:

3 – 5 x 400m all timed.  Alternate increased focus on higher stroke rate (using tempo trainer if possible) and swimming without that specific focus (taking out the tempo trainer if previously used).

How do times compare to your last 400m timed swim? Is there any variance in reps with and without high stroke rate focus?

Warm down:

300m     Very easy

Total Volume:

2300m – 3100m

Coaching Points:

Familiarizing yourself with the tempo set at a slightly higher stroke rate, should help you to replicate that higher stroke rate when there are no stroke rate beeps from the tempo trainer, allowing you to adopt a sustainable high stroke rate than previous swims.


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