Weekly Swim Session Plan 11 July 2017

Download and print this session plan here: session plan 127

Continuing to work on last week’s early vertical forearm (EVF) focus, this week, we consider the effect of a more effective catch, pulling with larger muscle groups on stroke rate and ultimately, swim speed.  Recent experience with an Ironman age group athlete, suggests that moving focus onto stroke rate, can provide an immediate return in terms of swim speed.

Warm Up:

200m easy pace

Technical set:

2 x 50m 1 – finger drill (incorporating EVF)

2 x 50m head-up lifesaver (feel the EVF effect)

4 x 100m focus on increasing your stroke rate (without diminishing stroke length) Use Tempo trainer if possible and experiment with varying your stroke rate.

Main set:

4 – 8 x 100m aiming to swim with EVF as practiced in drills and sampling your stroke rate to see if you can produce faster, sustainable times by lifting your stroke rate by as little as 2-3 strokes per minute.

400m timed swim (using slightly higher stroke rate – is it improved from last week’s test, or your 400m norm?)

Warm down:

300m     Very easy

Total Volume:

1550m – 1950m

Coaching Points:

A faster stroke rate can be tiring if you change up too quickly. Make sure you maintain good form, control your breathing and reach all the way to the front of your stroke, as the use of lats and pecs, rather than rotator cuff, allow you to increase the power and speed of the pull, leading to a faster stroke rate.


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