Weekly Swim Session Plan 20 June 2017

Download and print the session plan here: session plan 124

With temperatures soaring and the race season in full-swing, most triathletes are swimming some open water sessions each week.  Anecdotally, not everyone has transitioned from pool to lake as well as we might hope. This week, let’s use a pool session to really nail some key attributes of open water technique.

Warm Up:

200m easy pace

Technical set:

4 x 50m sighting skills – crocodile eyes

4 x 50m high swingers

Main set:

12 – 18 x 100m with 10 seconds rest, incorporating the sighting skills from the drill, 2 per length of the pool

Warm down:

300m     Very easy

Total Volume:

2100m – 2700m

Coaching Points:

Sight straight forward on the non-breathing stroke and follow up immediately with a breath under the opposite arm. Don’t try to sight off the end of the breath as this won’t allow you time to properly view the course.  Only lift your googles out of the water – don’t sit up too high, or your hips will drop, causing drag.



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