Indoor trainer sessions for the off-season

Cycling on an indoor trainer should be no means be the preserve of the Winter months, as it can deliver fitness gains at any point during the season.  Over the last few days however, the weather in UK has become decidedly wintery.  No better time then, to think about realising the benefits of training indoors!

There are some incredibly sophisticated trainers on the market, that can wirelessly sync with your training app and are able to automatically adjust the resistance of the trainer, in order to follow the planned program to the letter. These are great if you have the budget.

For those that don’t have access to the technology, as promised in Come Out of the Pain Cave and into the light, attached are four training plans that you can download and print to use right away, with the simplest of equipment. The longest you’ll be required to hold your concentration is about 10 minutes, or for the TV-while-training people out there, that’s about the duration of programming between ad breaks on commercial TV.  I think you can manage it. Go on, I dare you, focus on the session.

These plans are ideal if you are new to indoor training, or are slowly transitioning back into training during the off season.

If you don’t currently own a trainer but want to reap the benefits that your fellow triathletes are accessing over the off season, I’d recommend looking on an auction website to find one for sale locally to you.  Generally, people only sell a trainer for one reason – they haven’t used it.  You should be able to pick up a current model, low-use trainer at a fraction of the retail price. Use online product information and customer reviews to identify the trainer that’s right for you.

I hope that you find the plans useful.

More plans will follow over the coming weeks with the aim of challenging your endurance and fitness, to accomplish performance gains on the road when training and racing in 2017.


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