Weekly swim session plan 26 July 2016

This week’s session is aimed at those who may have raced or have done several hard back-to-back training swims.  Keep this one in the locker for whenever you need it.  The mix of technique and light volume are aimed at regaining control over fatigued muscles and keeping HR in check.


300m as 100m very easy, 100m easy, 100 steady

 Technical Set

100m steady swimming, with focus on long, relaxed exhale between breaths.

100m as skating drill to halfway, swim to wall

100m as sculling to halfway, swim to wall

Main set:

4 – 6 x 200m as 100 pull buoy, 100 freestyle, (30 sec rest after each 200m rep.) holding good posture throughout

Warm down:

200m – 400m Easy, down to very easy focussing on relaxed exhalation.

Total distance (average) 1600-2200m

Coaching Points:

For relaxed breathing, try extending your breath intervals (4 strokes if unilateral, 5 strokes if bi-lateral)

Maintain a strong balanced core throughout

Sculling isn’t stunted breaststroke! See link – Sculling Drill

Remember that when swimming with a pull buoy, there is no kick!

A pull buoy will tend to make you swim ‘flat’ so remember to engage the core and glutes to drive through the stroke and cause the buoy to rotate.

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