Use alcohol in preparation for your A race

We’re are at the peak of race season for the Northern hemisphere, so most of my athletes are getting close to their A race.

In this short blog, I’ll be promoting the use of alcohol in the lead-in to your ‘A’ race.

Now that I have your attention, I’d like to further explain that I’m not suggesting a dram of whiskey to calm the nerves, I’m talking about frequent and liberal use of alcohol hand gel to protect yourself from infection.

I work in a large office with hundreds of people sharing the environment every day. Access is mostly by elevator, or flights of stairs where constant use of the handrail is compulsory to comply with the company stair code, in addition to internal door closers necessitating the use of push plates and grab handles.  All that adds up to a festival of viral and biological cross-infection – not what you need leading into a race!

Without fail, every time I contact one of these common-to-all surfaces, I cleanse my hands with alcohol gel. Right now I hear ever cough and sneeze across the open office and note the areas and people to avoid. Over the top? Maybe. Particularly seeing that my own A race isn’t for months.

Be fit and healthy on the start line and directly improve your chances of achieving your race day goals!


GI Tri Coach

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