Weekly Swim Session Plan 28 June 2016

Session Introduction

This week have a technique and threshold session, designed to help you maintain good technique and high stroke rate when in open water.


2 – 5 minutes sink-down drill (if required)

200m as 50m easy, 100m steady, 50 race pace focus on relaxed exhalation into the water, even as the pace increases 

Technical Set

200m doggy paddle up the pool, swim back with high elbow

200m high tempo – use core rotation to set tempo (let the arms follow the core rotation to deliver a higher stroke rate)

200m head-up life saver, high tempo, feel for early vertical forearm pull

Main set:

4 – 6 x 200m @CSS pace + 4 seconds taking 20S rest

Warm down:

200m – 400m Easy, down to very easy focussing on relaxed exhalation.

Total distance (average) 1800-2400m

Coaching Points:

Observe lane etiquette

Don’t pull too deep if you’re raising the tempo. Elbow at 90° as the hand passes under the shoulder

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