Weekly Swim Session 6 June 2016

As many people have already started their race season, this week, we refresh again the skills needed in open water including starts, turns sighting and continuous swim endurance.


4 x 50m as 50 easy, 50 steady, 100 race pace

Technical Set

4 x 25m as stationary sculling into sprint start

4 x 50m sighting every 3-5 strokes, no-turn turning at deep end

Main set:

4 x 400m (4 x 16 lengths 1 min rest after each rep) OR

2 x 750m (2 x 30 lengths 2 min rest in between) OR

1 x 1500m (60 lengths) OR, for faster swimmers training for IM70.3

2000m as a single swim

For sprint distance athletes, break out at least 2 x 750m continuous efforts as intervals, taking just a few seconds for composure between each.

Warm down:

200m – 400m Easy, down to very easy

Total distance (average) 2200-2900m

Coaching Points:

Observe lane etiquette

Take your time on technical element – focus on good execution

Focus on exhale throughout the race-distance efforts.

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