Weekly Swim Session 16 May 2016

Session Introduction

This week, we practice open water skills in the pool, as other sessions transfer to open water


200m easy building to steady pace

Technical Set:

4 x 50m steady swim as breathing to the right on the way up, breathing to the left on the way back.

4 x 50m ‘deep’ water starts practice

4 x 50m sighting after every three stroke cycles

Main set:

6 – 8 x 200m (8 lengths of the pool) as 50m sprint, 150m easing down to race pace no wall touch at the deep end of the pool!

Warm down:

200m – 400m Easy, down to very easy

Total distance (average) 2200-2800m

Coaching Points:

Observe lane etiquette

Hold a flat pre-start body position by gentle sculling in the water

Set out hard – focus on exhale as you bring your heart rate back down for race pace / distance effort

Sight during the stroke before you breathe (think ‘crocodile eyes’ over the water – don’t lift the head any higher than you need to)

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